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Parr Instruments-4760 series

Parr Instruments

  • Ideal for low temperature and pressure reaction system under stirring conditions.

Parr Instruments-4563 series

Parr Instruments

  • Performing digestions or reactions under high temperature and high pressure.

Parr Instruments-7575 series

Parr Instruments

  • Ideal for solution and suspension reactions at high temperature and pressure, Condensate sampling feature at high temperature and pressure.

Pulping Digester

Pulping digester

  • IDeal for hydrolysis and pulping of lignocellulosic materials with the capacity of 2 L.
  • Liquid circulation feature.
    Liquid sampling capability during experiment.

Pressure Stirring Reactor-Autoclave Engineers

AutoClave Engineers

  • Pressurized reaction equipment.
  • Stirred reactor at moderate temperature and pressure.
  • Stirred reaction system with the capacity of 2 L.