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Ovens & Dryers

Furnace-Thermolyne 1400


  • Tempeature range 20-1200 °C.
  • Ideal for determining ash content of materials following different standard methods.

Vacuum Oven- Iso Temp 282A Fisher

Regular ovens

  • Ovens with air force circulation or gravity for drying samples for different sizes.
  • Ideal for drying or concentrating solutions and pastes at low temperature.

Corrosion resistance and flame proof oven- Carbolite Gero

Carbolite Gero- 30 – 3000 °C

  • Ideal for drying or concentrating corrosive and flammable solutions and pastes.

Freeze dryer-Labconco

Freeze dryer

  • Lyophilization (-50 °C) needs of research and pilot plant laboratories.

Mini Spray Dryer B-290

Spray dryer

  • Drying various solutions via spray drying technique and producing powders with various sizes.

Rotaryevap-Buchi R210

Rotary evaporator

  • Utilizing vacuum distillation to insure uniform thermal separations.